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Seeing is believing, right? Well, a writer might not necessarily want to think so (the words themselves should be rich with imagery, or so my writing prof once said) but the truth of the matter is that we all want visual proof. 'nuff said. Luckily, I happen to be a writer who also loves to snap pix.

The Road Sage

As I amble and ramble along, I expect to take plenty of photos, but I'll only share the ones which capture a place best. This photo gallery is designed to work hand-in-hand with the destinations I visit, so while you read a story, glean the highlights or take a quiz on a particular place, sneak a peek at what I was seeing, in living color. Hey, it might not be what you were expecting!

And if I look like I'm having too much fun...well, I probably am. But look at it this way: you could be next.

The Photos

Around the world in...Las Vegas
The Rat Pack may be gone but the world has moved in
Top Ten List: San Francisco
The Road Sage plays tourist in her own home town
Everything Old is New Again
Toronto celebrates the old while ringing in the new -- and everyone is so doggone nice about it, too
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
The Chicago Auto Show is one of many good reasons to visit the Windy City -- even in February!
Kauai'n dreams
The oldest Hawaiian island is still the most unspoiled
Seattle Redux
A great place to eat your way through town...hungry?
Toasting the Napa Valley
Vineyards, vintners and plenty o'sunshine -- cheers, indeed
West Hollywood Weekend
The L.A. scene has to be seen to be believed
Sun Diego
San Diego is sun city in the southland, a sparkling (and sporting) paradise
Spa Time
The Arizona desert is the perfect place to ease your cares away -- even in July
Taos Taste
Chef Patrick Lambert's cooking is one of the best reasons to come to Taos
Lazy Days in Santa Fe
Santa Fe is meant to be savored slowly and on foot
A Grand Canyon
This grand expanse is colorful, big and begging to be ready? and don't forget your binoculars!
Zion Rocks
Colorful rocks and terrific trails that will inspire you to new heights
Big Salt Lake
It's not just the lake that's a big deal in Salt Lake City
Seattle See Food
The Emerald City is the land of good eats
The Fairest of them all
The Oregon Country Fair is a colorful place -- green, too
Victorian Ferndale
It's quaint, it's cute -- and it's a historical landmark
Coastal Access
Cruising Highway One on the Fourth
Disney for Adults
Can big kids enjoy Disney, too? Our dynamic duo puts the Mouse House to the test
The Hotel Del
San Diego's castle by the sea is an experience everyone should savor
Weekend in Las Vegas
Two women on a madcap jaunt of the town that Liberace once ruled
Twenty Million + 2
Mexico City is a bit crowded, but that didn't stop our intrepid trio

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